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Auditory Processing Disorders Assessments (APD)

Central Auditory Processing Disorders Assessments (CAPD) Auditory processing disorder (APD), also known as central auditory processing disorder Read More »

Screening: Pre-Employment/Industrial

Screening: Pre-employment, Industrial, RCMP, OPP, and other We provide this service directly to employers or individuals who are in need of a Read More »

Home Visits

Home visits as required Timiskaming Hearing Clinic will be acquiring equipment in the near future so we can provide visits to nursing homes as Read More »

Consultation services to industry, educational settings and nursing homes

Consultation services to industry and educational settings and nursing homes Timiskaming Hearing Clinic strives to apply what happens in the Read More »

Counselling and support

Counseling and support. Timiskaming Hearing Clinic is always here for consultation following hearing assessments, recommendations and after being Read More »