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Comprehensive Evaluations

We create a map and profile of your hearing system right up to the brain to help us help you with your hearing.  Initial comprehensive assessments are performed in combination with lifestyle discussion.  From there, our training and equipment provide you with a measure of your hearing loss and difficulties and assess your unique needs.  Prescribed solutions will take into account all of this important and personalized information.

These assessments generally include a thorough audiological evaluation using techniques such as puretone audiometry, speech in noise testing, tympanometry, acoustic reflex testing, otoacoustic emission testing, etc.  From there, we have a map of the health of your hearing system and make recommendations which may include strategies to use in difficult listening situations and the use of a hearing aid or hearing aids.  We also may direct you back to your physician for follow-up if necessary.

Meet Our Team

A Professional Team To Care For Your Hearing


Brenda Bukowski

About Brenda Bukowski Patient Coordinator Brenda Bukowski is our friendly front office receptionist and patient coordinator.  She plays in integral role in the operation of the clinic and brings remarkable


Marlee Robazza

About Marlee Robazza Audiologist Marlee Robazza is a new addition to the Timiskaming Hearing Clinic.  She completed her Masters degree in Audiology at Queensland University in Australia in 2016.  Returning to her


Leanne Nielson

About Leanne Nielson Over 25 years experience Leanne Nielson has over 25 years of experience working both in public health and in private practice in Northern Ontario, specifically servicing the areas of Kirkland