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Custom Hearing Protection

Permanent hearing loss can result from excessive loud noise exposure.  The duration and loudness levels are directly related to the damage to the ear.  Sources of loud noise include occupational noise, recreational noise and other sources of our everyday noisy world.  Prevention is the best cure for noise induced hearing loss.  To minimize your exposure to loud noise ear protection is the best solution.

Timiskaming Hearing Clinic can provide recommendations as to the best ear protection for you ranging from small earplugs to large headphones for industry and customized earplugs.  Customized earplugs are available for the following:

  1. Industry workers ie. miners

  2. Hunters

  3. Motorcyclists

  4. Sleeping plugs (for spouses of snorers)

  5. Musicians (singers, musicians – musician plugs allow the musician to hear his or her own voice or instrument perfectly while dampening the louder sounds.)

Custom Swim Plugs

Many people including many children are prone to ear infections.  This has resulted in having myringotomy or tubes inserted in the eardrums.  Ear plugs can be made to keep the ears completely dry so you can enjoy swimming, bathing and in the shower.

Customized Earphones

Customized Earphones are specially fit custom plugs fitted to the earphone that will fit perfectly in your ear.  This helps prevent the earphones from slipping out and reduces the noise around you.  Many people report that the quality of sound is much improved from a personal customized earphone.

Note, loud music from personal earphones or devices can be harmful and result in irreversible damage.  We can provide more information on this and counselling particularly to children and teenagers to help preserve their hearing.

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Brenda Bukowski

About Brenda Bukowski Patient Coordinator Brenda Bukowski is our friendly front office receptionist and patient coordinator.  She plays in integral role in the operation of the clinic and brings remarkable


Marlee Robazza

About Marlee Robazza Audiologist Marlee Robazza is a new addition to the Timiskaming Hearing Clinic.  She completed her Masters degree in Audiology at Queensland University in Australia in 2016.  Returning to her


Leanne Nielson

About Leanne Nielson Over 25 years experience Leanne Nielson has over 25 years of experience working both in public health and in private practice in Northern Ontario, specifically servicing the areas of Kirkland