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Cerumen management/ear canal cleanings

Ear wax, also known as cerumen is produced naturally by the glands in the ears.  To lubricate the ear canals and keep debris such as dust from getting to far down into the ear canal, it typically clears itself from the ears but in some instances can cause a blockage by excessive accumulation.

Symptoms of ear wax blockage include:

  • ear ache

  • tinnitus (noise in the ear)

  • hearing loss

  • ear pressure

If a blockage occurs, it may need to be removed carefully.  This can be done at your doctor’s office, at home or in the audiology clinic depending on the size and severity of blockage.   We can provide recommendations as to seeing your physician, supply you with at home ear wax removal kits or provides management right here in our office.

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Brenda Bukowski

About Brenda Bukowski Patient Coordinator Brenda Bukowski is our friendly front office receptionist and patient coordinator.  She plays in integral role in the operation of the clinic and brings remarkable


Marlee Robazza

About Marlee Robazza Audiologist Marlee Robazza is a new addition to the Timiskaming Hearing Clinic.  She completed her Masters degree in Audiology at Queensland University in Australia in 2016.  Returning to her


Leanne Nielson

About Leanne Nielson Over 25 years experience Leanne Nielson has over 25 years of experience working both in public health and in private practice in Northern Ontario, specifically servicing the areas of Kirkland