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Assistive Listening Devices including personal, television and telephone communication aids.

Assistive listening devices are used by hard of hearing people to help improve hearing ability in a variety of situations such as noisy restaurants, using the telephone and watching TV.

  • Personal Amplifiers

Have a microphone that picks up and increases sound levels and sends the sound to the receiver that the listener is wearing such as a headset or earbuds.  In the event that someone is unable to wear a hearing aid or hearing aids, this is an excellent option.

  • TV listening devices

TV listening devices are devices that are designed to connect the TV and transmit audio to a headset or hearing aids.  This allows you to control the TV volume without affecting the preferred listening volume of those in the same room.  They can be used with or without hearing aids.

  • FM Systems

FM systems are wireless systems that can be used with hearing aids and cochlear implants.  A transmitter microphone picks up the sound and transmits it to the listener who is wearing a receiver, either hearing aid boots, neck loop or headphones or an external speaker.  FM systems are especially useful in very noisy environments and over large distances like classrooms.

  • Amplified telephones

Amplified telephones are wired or wireless telephones that give a volume boost of 20 to 40 db more than the average telephone.  This helps individuals with some hearing difficulties to hear over the phone so they can enjoy their conversations.

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Brenda Bukowski

About Brenda Bukowski Patient Coordinator Brenda Bukowski is our friendly front office receptionist and patient coordinator.  She plays in integral role in the operation of the clinic and brings remarkable


Marlee Robazza

About Marlee Robazza Audiologist Marlee Robazza is a new addition to the Timiskaming Hearing Clinic.  She completed her Masters degree in Audiology at Queensland University in Australia in 2016.  Returning to her


Leanne Nielson

About Leanne Nielson Over 25 years experience Leanne Nielson has over 25 years of experience working both in public health and in private practice in Northern Ontario, specifically servicing the areas of Kirkland